9 out of 10 small businesses
depend on digital advertising.
They are at risk.

Source: SBE Council

for Growth

We’re a coalition of small businesses, entrepreneurs and creators relying on data-driven digital advertising and marketing to compete with big companies. But legislation and regulation in Washington, D.C. could devastate digital advertising and the ad-supported internet, offering greater affordability, convenience, choice and personalization to every American. Internet for Growth is educating policymakers and the public about the benefits of digital advertising to jobs and the U.S. economy and threats to popular media and marketing tools critical to the success of every small business today.  

Our Stories

We are farmers, foodies, retailers, realtors, marketers, media publishers and more. We all depend on data-driven digital advertising to grow our businesses.  

Internet for Growth: Giving a voice to small businesses depending on digital advertising

Digital advertising and marketing are lifelines to small business across the country, from realtors to ranchers. Hear from Internet for Growth members who rely on easy-to-use data-driven tools to support themselves and their communities.

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