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Seeking to punish Big Tech, Congress is contemplating anti-advertising policies that would destroy digital advertising tools small businesses need to compete with the largest companies.

Our customers save time and money thanks to efficient, effective digital advertising, which also supports free and low-cost content and services for millions of Americans.

While they might sound nice, strict “data privacy” regulations would slow service, raise consumer costs, and destroy economic opportunities. Email your Member of Congress today.

Email Your Member of Congress: Protect Digital Advertising for Small Businesses


I support data privacy, but I don’t support the American Privacy Rights Act.

Rather than protect Americans’ online privacy, this bill in Congress would eliminate personalized advertising tools that helped small businesses survive the pandemic. It would raise prices for ad-supported products and services millions of Americans receive for free, as well as for common consumer goods.  

Our country is already struggling with inflation. Now is a bad time to introduce more costs and complexity to digital advertising, essential to small businesses, jobs, and growth. Without it, many small businesses would be unable to advertise at all. Many online business owners depend on ad revenue to earn a living.

Data and digital advertising are especially important to startups and entrepreneurs. Carve outs for small enterprises will be meaningless if the American Privacy Rights Act eliminates ordinary marketing and advertising practices that have existed since before the internet.

A national data privacy bill should simplify a growing patchwork of state laws, but this one would encourage more, as well as fines, penalties, and lawsuits. In the name of consumer privacy, it would destroy the consumer benefits of digital advertising, including low costs, convenience, and personalization.

Please reject the American Privacy Rights Act and protect digital advertising for small businesses.