Raise awareness. Email your Member of Congress.

Seeking to punish Big Tech, Congress is contemplating anti-advertising policies that would destroy digital advertising tools small businesses need to compete with the largest companies.

Our customers save time and money thanks to efficient, effective digital advertising, which also supports free and low-cost content and services for millions of Americans.

While they might sound nice, strict “data privacy” regulations would slow service, raise consumer costs, and destroy economic opportunities. Email your Member of Congress today.

Email Your Member of Congress: Protect Digital Advertising for Small Businesses


I’m concerned about attacks in Congress on digital advertising, a vital resource in today’s economy, helping small businesses to start up, attract more customers, and create jobs and economic growth.

Digital advertising helps small businesses compete and succeed. Online publishers and creators also depend on ad revenue, which supports free and low-cost content and services for millions of Americans.

Protecting personal data is important, but restrictive “data privacy” bills in Congress go too far, choking off common information, marketing, and advertising practices U.S. companies have relied on since before the internet.

Our country should be a technological and economic leader, but attacks on digital advertising – to punish a few big companies – would harm smaller ones, their customers, and the ad-supported internet.

Eliminating personalized advertising and breaking up ad platforms would have a negative impact on creativity and commerce online. I’m urging to you consider the consequences of misguided data privacy and anti- advertising bills in Congress, which instead of punishing Big Tech, would punish your constituents.