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Hundreds of supporters have signed our petition to Congress, demanding both parties protect digital advertising tools that save small businesses and our customers time and money. Digital advertising powers online commerce and free content for anyone with an internet connection.

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Our Petition: Small Businesses Depend on Digital Advertising!

Small businesses across America rely on data-driven, personalized digital advertising to start up, serve more customers, grow, and hire. Thanks to digital advertising, customers receive timely, relevant information, save time and money, and discover new products and services.

Digital advertising supports free online news, entertainment, education and more, for everyone with an internet connection.

However, Congress is considering legislation that would restrict or eliminate essential data and digital advertising tools, raise prices and paywalls, and destroy opportunities for small businesses, online publishers and creators, and the average internet user.

We’re calling on our elected representatives in Washington, D.C., to reject anti-advertising bills in Congress and protect essential digital advertising tools that increase competition and consumer choice, as well as create jobs and economic growth in communities across the country.

Safe, anonymous data is the lifeblood of today’s economy, including on Main Street. We support smart data privacy policies that promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Please protect the benefits of digital advertising – vital to communication, commerce, and creativity – for every American.