Letter to the Editor: Dear Congress, stand up for your constituents, not big business

Dear Congress, Stand Up for Your Constituents, Not Big Business,

As a career Realtor and the owner and operator of one of Arizona’s 550,000 small businesses, I’m fearful Congress will hurt entrepreneurship and my bottom line by passing the so-called “Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act.”  This newly introduced legislation will further entrench the market advantage of mega-corporations at the expense of small businesses. Specifically, this ironically named bill will kill competition by making digital advertising more expensive, more time-consuming, and less precise. It will curtail the targeted digital ads I use every day to reach home buyers and sellers by introducing more middlemen into the process and unwinding the streamlined networks that let small businesses spend a little bit to reach a huge pool of consumers online.

For large Fortune 100 companies, this bill is a gift – they have the budgets to absorb the added costs. For little guys like my agency, it’s a death knell. More expensive, less effective advertising will hurt everyone from Realtors to restaurants to mom-and-pop retail shops.

I’ve worked hard for 20 years to build a successful business. This legislation puts everything I’ve built in jeopardy. We need our local elected officials in Washington to listen to the voices of small businesses and prioritize their constituents over the Fortune 100.

If you like small business, you should loathe the Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act.

Will Carter
Realtor, Tempe AZ