Digital Tools Help Small Businesses

At the Urban Central Marketplace, we take pride in bringing a taste of home to Colorado Springs and the Denver Metro area by serving soul food, Caribbean, and other foods from the African diaspora.  We are not only a restaurant, but an incubator space that lifts other businesses up to succeed and come together. While our mission is so much more than just the bottom line, the reality is, the bottom line does matter, and we can’t keep moving forward without digital advertisements.

Data-driven digital advertising is at the soul of what makes us run. As a small business owner, I rely on digital ads to keep my current customers aware of what’s happening at the restaurant, as well as to bring in new customers who are looking for an exceptional menu, meal and service.

Representing my own business in Colorado Springs, I flew to Washington, D.C., recently to meet with Congressional staff to discuss the importance of social media and how digital tools like advertising helps small, authentic businesses like mine compete against the big chains in the hospitality industry and beyond. I hope that our leaders in Washington will continue to build up our small businesses, not tear them down.

Chariese Blue is the founder and CEO of Urban Central Market Place