Using digital advertising to support clients and other small businesses

Drew Ament, Chairman of Internet for Growth’s Advisory Council, is the owner and managing partner of, an advertising and consulting agency based in Glendale, AZ. He has been a digital advertising expert and small-business owner for 20 years. Press1toTalk specializes in providing digital marketing and advertising support to hundreds of small and medium businesses, which are most family owned and operated. The agency uses targeted advertising—such as PPC, display, and social media ads—to help these small businesses increase awareness and sales in their local markets. The clients that Press1toTalk work with often do not know where to begin when searching for cost-effective ways to promote their businesses. The small nature of their marketing budgets results in these businesses relying heavily on targeted digital ads to reach potential customers—without digital advertising, many of Press1toTalk’s clients would not be able survive.

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