Not the time for changes to digital advertising

As we gear up for a wild election year, I hope that those running for the White House and Congress take their time to really listen to their constituents, especially small business owners. Our own U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers could definitely benefit from some listening. Despite the fact that she is retiring at the end of this term, she has committed to a comprehensive “data privacy” bill prior to leaving office – if the past is any indication, this bill would likely hurt me and every other small business.

Rep. McMorris Rodgers is no stranger to this fight, as she has spearheaded the push to pass what would be the disastrous American Data Privacy and Protection Act. ADPPA takes inspiration from Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, which according to UC Berkeley’s Center for Long-term Cybersecurity, has created barriers to entry for smaller businesses, harmed civil liberties and, disturbingly, led to uneven enforcement that disproportionately hurts some of society’s most vulnerable.

America’s digital economy supports businesses of all sizes, and as a builder, carpenter and business owner, digital ads play a vital role in identifying and reaching my customers. My company, Northwest Renewables, specializes in the construction and integration of energy-efficient technology into high-performance buildings, and digital has been our best avenue for marketing. If we dismantle our vibrant, competitive and anonymous digital economy, we risk destroying one of the few egalitarian resources that levels the playing field.

Gavin Tenold