Letter to the Editor: Online Advertising is Critical

My communications company, Corner Booth Media along with millions of other small businesses in Washington, depend on digital advertising to grow and reach customers far away from our doors. This was especially the case during the COVID-19 lockdown, when so much of the global economy moved online. Simply put: Digital advertising allows smaller companies to compete for customers against much larger ones.

But the new U.S. Congress that convenes next month will debate bills that could radically alter the digital economy and hurt the small businesses ecosystem.

Lawmakers talk about wanting to rein in Big Tech. But the reality is that some of their ideas would hurt small businesses even more, by eliminating or undermining the digital advertising tools we use daily to reach our customers.

Everyone agrees with the goal of protecting consumer privacy online. But Congress needs to figure out a way to protect consumers without taking a sledgehammer to the effectiveness of the online advertising tools that power so much of our local economy. Our representatives in Washington need to stop and think about the ramifications of their proposals and how they affect small businesses right here in Spokane.

Frank Swoboda