The big western way to use the internet for growth

Big West Marketing is a specialized digital marketing agency offering web design, search engine optimization, and marketing consulting services to home service and contractor industries. Since I took this business full time in 2014, we have helped over 900 businesses with their web design and online marketing. Our approach for acquiring new clients is unique. We get 90 percent of our clients from educational YouTube videos. We believe in full transparency by creating very specific How-To videos that explain how a service business owner can generate new business online. A percentage of them will call us and ask that we provide the service for them. Through this practice, we have grown our YouTube audience to over 8,500 subscribers and We average about 30,000 minutes watched each month. These are very targeted subscribers that are primarily in the home service industries that are looking to use online marketing to grow. It has also resulted in an email list of over 4,000 active subscribers. These digital tools have helped us target the right people who we can help grow and succeed. 

Joe Burnich, Owner

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