Making brick mortar bigger

The founders of Rocket Pop started off as a small mom & pop retail shop selling snowboards and wakeboards. When the internet was still in its infancy, they were in the first wave of businesses to use a website to generate eCommerce revenue. When social media was still a novelty, they were among the first to create a branded business page on Facebook.

As a digital media and marketing agency, Rocket Pop is still a small brick & mortar business, but the internet has opened up a global audience for information and content, and we help our fellow small businesses harness that. Each client receives a website review & refresh or ground-up build to make certain that it clicks all of the boxes for robust search results. Google’s tools for optimizing SEO and the use of Pay Per Click allows us to target a specific audience and expand a business’s reach with viable customers. The websites conveniently link to relevant social media channels, which are populated with clever and engaging content. Regular newsletters alert customers – both current and potential – to the latest trends and goings-on within a client’s four walls.

Using the internet, each of these pieces connects back to each other, and small, local businesses find their reach stretching far beyond their regional markets. Being a small business today need not mean having a small audience.

– Cara Dickens, Founder

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