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MORE Magazine stands for Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone through the intentional curation of content that educates, inspires, and calls to action. Arianna Cruz started MORE Magazine after years of work in the nonprofit sector and having a creative instinct that coupled with her background in business. It was the culmination of many passions and meaningful conversations that deserved to have a platform. MORE works to serve as a space for storytelling with the intention of leading to conversations, further learning, and individual action. 

Our biggest win has been on Instagram; with Reels, we have been able to massively increase our reach. Additionally, LinkedIn has been an excellent space for sharing and connecting with others to celebrate their achievements. 

Arianna Cruz, Founder and CEO 

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Every day, small businesses use the internet to create new products and services, reach new customers, and remain competitive. However, the internet’s importance to the success of everyone from mom-and-pop shops to the next name brand is an underappreciated story. We’d love to hear your own story about how the internet has helped your business flourish.

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