Hundreds of small businesses and creators form Internet for Growth coalition to celebrate the power of the ad-supported internet

Washington D.C.— Today, Internet for Growth, a rapidly expanding coalition of more than 280 creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses from across the country, launched to advocate for the ad-supported internet, to continue growth in the important economic sector.

In addition to these creators and small businesses, more than 700 members of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), including marketers, agencies, publishers, platforms, and ad tech firms, are supporting Internet for Growth to raise the voice of Main Street in the data protection and privacy debate. The coalition’s long-term goal is to ensure any legislation or regulation affecting the technologies they use incorporates their experience and perspective.

The nationwide community of innovators behind Internet for Growth will illustrate to policymakers and the public how the ad-supported internet helps bridge Main Street to the new information economy. By opening access for local businesses to a wider audience, spurring competitiveness, and expanding choice for consumers, the internet serves as an essential resource to even the smallest storefronts across America.

“The ad-supported internet plays a critical role in enabling competitiveness and empowering entrepreneurialism in communities across America,” said IAB CEO David Cohen. “More internet jobs were created by small businesses and individuals than by the largest internet companies, yet their voices often go unheard. Internet for Growth will inject creators’ and small businesses’ vital perspectives into the discussion.”

The internet has redefined how small businesses operate. Internet for Growth’s digital channels, multi-media content, and events will offer opinion leaders and lawmakers the expertise of a vast network of technologists and their users working together to expand creativity, jobs and economic growth. While U.S. GDP has hovered around three percent recently, the internet economy has reached an average 22 percent growth rate over the last four years, according to IAB’s latest study of the market-making internet.

“This is the 15-year anniversary of Bilingual Birdies,” said Sarah Farzam, Founder and CEO of Bilingual Birdies. “The internet and related services have been critical in every phase of my business growth. When I was building my business, I relied on the internet to find business related services and was able to work with suppliers and vendors from around the world. As my business grew, online marketing was essential to help me develop lead generation, and now I utilize social and video sharing platforms to connect with our network of instructors and reach out to potential new partners who are interested in starting their own Bilingual Birdies program in their community.”

“Youme Healthcare’s business model is 100% telehealth,” said Hafeezah Muhammad, CEO of Youme Healthcare. “Our unique behavioral and mental healthcare model gives children, teens and their families greater access to care by making intervention faster. Our practice is based on telehealth, because we believe it works best for children and their families. Patients are more comfortable with sessions conducted from the comfort of their home. Many adolescents fear their friends will find out they go to therapy, so telehealth eliminates this barrier. The younger generation has grown up with technology, and with telehealth it’s like talking to a friend. Appointments are faster and easier to schedule, making care more accessible. My business model would not have been possible if it weren’t for the internet.”


About Internet for Growth

Internet for Growth, an initiative of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, supports the transformative role the advertising-supported internet plays in empowering America’s small businesses, helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Supported by a diverse community of over 700 IAB members including marketers, agencies, publishers, platforms and ad tech providers, as well as hundreds of small businesses and creators, we highlight the benefits the internet delivers to local economies, expanding opportunities for innovators to reach markets far beyond their neighborhoods. Our work ensures people understand the limitless opportunity the internet provides for creativity and commerce, fair competition, and connecting with consumers on mutually shared values and interests, no matter the background or geography.

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