Doubling our online following through increased social media engagement

Connectus Health is a nonprofit community healthcare organization that is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare with many services having little to no out-of-pocket costs. Our offerings include family healthcare, pediatrics, behavioral health, transgender health, primary care, preventative health, and more. It is important for our prospective patients to not only be educated on what services Connectus offers, but to also trust our mission of providing culturally sensitive and affordable healthcare. To best communicate this with the local community, we primarily reached our ideal audience through social media paid and organic posts, sponsored articles built by local third parties with a high-loyal following, and traditional PR and media relations efforts. Through consistency of these tactics, we saw our online following double on almost all platforms throughout the pandemic, leading to a significant uptick in appointments and new patients. 

Suzanne Hurley and Caroline Portis- Jenkins, Owners 

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