How this fitness company leveraged the ad-supported internet for gains

We are a holistic company comprised of physical therapy, personal training, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy. Focusing on the individual as a whole allows us to provide a thorough scope of treatment. Kyle and I started the business in a small basement in Morgantown. Working long hours and seven days per week while in school allowed us to establish a base for caring for the individual rather than the pre-determined treatment. We wanted them to realize that the body as a whole had many components; physical, mental, nutrition. Our mission is to provide a multi-model approach offering an unparalleled treatment and training method. This combination of expertise assists each client in achieving all their health and fitness goals with an individualized, innovative, and complete lifestyle experience.

We use Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter for our daily operations. This allows for greater access for our clients to communicate with us any questions or concerns they may have. Also, many have shared their wins, recovery, and strengths on our platforms and thus have reached populations in rural areas.

Sydney West, Co-owner

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