Using social media to maintain business growth during the pandemic

With two locations in Middle Tennessee, Cupola Animal Hospitals is a young organization. One clinic opened in 2017, and another in 2019, so we were still building our clientele in a very competitive market when the pandemic hit. We have worked to differentiate ourselves by sharing the message of the talent and capabilities we offer across a number of digital platforms. We have invested heavily in our website, social media, Google Ads and email marketing, which have been all the more important through the Covid-19 pandemic. Through video, we have featured our veterinarians and educated clients and prospective clients on a range of pet care subjects, and we’ve taken a lighthearted approach using Instagram Reels and TikTok to reach broader audiences. As a result, despite all of the challenges of the past 18 months, our clinics have continued to grow. We are currently in the process of adding a third location. Our future looks bright. 

Dr. Cason McInturff, Veterinarian 

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