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Dora Mae Jewelry
Florida Fashion

My company was born when I discovered my grandmother, Dora Mae Pemberton’s, collection of antique jewelry. I was inspired to update her collection of amazing but outdated antiques with current style and modern materials. I started by updating pieces for family members. Pretty soon, friends and acquaintances began dropping heirlooms in need of updating in ziplock baggies in my mailbox and Dora Mae Jewelry was born! Since 2008, we’ve transformed over 30,000 antique heirlooms into modern pieces of art our clients enjoy wearing every day.  

The business really took off when I unlocked the power of social media. Since Dora Mae is all about telling a story, Instagram has been an amazing platform to inspire our clients to join us in the creative process of transforming their meaningful, but outdated heirlooms. We can easily take customers through the entire creative process of “Befores” and “Afters” and offer an inspiring, interactive, creative experience that involves our Instagram community.  

Because of Instagram, our Creativity Workshops sell out within seconds! As it turns out, creativity is contagious and people don’t simply want to watch, they want to participate! They want a hands-on “before and after” transformational experience that not only expands their creative minds, but in the end offers a piece of jewelry filled with both meaning and creative magic! And as people see other examples of new life brought to old pieces via social channels, they are inspired to send us their heirlooms, trusting us to bring their meaningful past into a bright and beautiful future.  

Ansley Schrimsher, Owner of Dora Mae Jewelry

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