Using the internet to create the perfect stay

Lake Superior Lodge provides short-term rentals for vacationers and visitors, and we are proud to be the only hotel in the United States privately owned by Native American individuals. What sets our business apart is that we are fully grounded in technology. Our highly ranked website generates the most traffic of any website in Bayfield and is responsible for 100% of our bookings, from payment and confirmation, as well as customer signature and self-check-in procedures. Our business runs on nearly 60% technology and automation, and that extends into our marketing plan as well. We focus on a strong SEO strategy to optimize our listings across Google platforms, including Google Maps and YouTube along with the primary search page. Our next challenge is to bring in more new business to the property – a large proportion of our current customers are a nostalgic audience, who will continue to come back, but we want to keep adding new visitors too.

Curtis DeCora, Co-Founder

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