Elevating customer feedback to power their service

NexGen Portables stands at the forefront of innovation in the Portable Restroom Business, driven by strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The NextGen Portables team driven by its owner Curtis Ingalls works diligently to ensure that every aspect of their service, from easy ordering processes to maintaining impeccably clean restrooms, works seamlessly and reflects their dedication to excellence. By placing a QR code sticker in each restroom, they encourage customers to provide direct feedback, fostering a continuous improvement loop that allows them to address concerns swiftly and uphold the highest standards in their facilities.

In line with their commitment to quality service, NexGen Portables leverages digital advertising to connect with their customers effectively. Through targeted digital campaigns, they are able to reach a variety of customers, sharing their vision for a refreshed and improved portable restroom experience. Utilizing digital advertising through online platforms allows them to not only showcase the excellence of their services but also engage with their community, building lasting relationships and ensuring that their commitment to a positive customer experience resonates with every individual using their services.

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