Internet advertising creates out of the gate success is a fast moving, privately held, startup company disrupting the weight loss industry. The company was started and is owned by the team that created the NBC hit TV show Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight loss. We started by testing the product in a direct-to-consumer market through amazon and our website. We have proven a strong/product market fit, an incredible consumer response based on sales and customer support, and now are growing the company to take it to the next stage. Digital marking and e-commerce are the pillars to the out-of-the-gate success. Promoting customized messages across several platforms was by far the most efficient and productive way to reach the perfect audience where they live. We have experimented with many variables in this wild start-up environment, and the place where we see proportional, direct results is Digital marketing for e-commerce.  

Dolvett Quince, Trainer 

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