Using digital ads to provide holistic and unique solutions

Beth, the visionary behind DH Crystal Company, is driven by a profound commitment to extend her wealth of knowledge in crystals and holistic wellness to individuals across America. Beth has a background as a Medical and Hospice Social Worker and gained over 20 years of expertise before founding DH Crystal Company in June 2019. Beth has been on a transformative journey to create a community and platform that fosters positive change in mind, body, and spirit. An expansion into in-person classes, workshops, and community events, and the opening of a storefront in Powell, Ohio in 2022, reflect her dedication to providing immersive experiences for individuals seeking a holistic wellness journey.

To reach a broader audience and fulfill her mission on a national scale, Beth uses digital advertising. Through online platforms, she shares the unique story behind each crystal, disseminating educational content and fostering community engagement. Digital advertising has helped Beth accomplish her dream of reaching people across America and helping them start their holistic wellness journies.

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